We Know Care

Our Mission

To attend to the needs of others while helping them be as independent as possible. 

Our Care

Care Granted was formed October 4, 2016 but it’s history reaches far before then. In 2009, our CEO was involved in a traumatic car accident in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He was pronounced a C-5 quadriplegic. Unfortunately this left him dependent on someone 24 hours a days. Since then he has seen the good and bad of home health agencies and wanted to continue to perfect this craft. After two years of learning the business side by working in the marketing department he set out to build his own company. We believe care should be custom to each of our clients. 

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.
— Unknown

We Specialize in Care

Our clients are those with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and the elderly. Our service providers consist of Nurses, CNAs, and Caregivers.

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.
— Robin Sharman
A blessing to my life.

"Care Granted has been a great blessing to my life. I've had plenty of other companies and many made me feel like a number instead of a person. With Care Granted I knew they cared. My care providers were hand picked and trained specifically for my needs. My life has not been the same and I'm so thankful for Care Granted."

In good hands.

"The Care Granted team truly understands what people with disabilities have to overcome each day. So when they sent their trained caregivers I knew I was in good hands."


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